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Our Products

Our beef is USDA inspected and raised right on our farm. Choose from a variety of cuts including steaks, roasts, and ground beef.


Looking to stock your freezer? You can order a whole or half beef butchered and processed the way you want!

During the Summer we offer a wide variety of seafood, including salmon, tuna, scallops, shrimp and more!

Our USDA inspected pork is second to none in quality! We offer pork roasts, ham steaks, sausage and bacon. You can also order a whole or half pig if you are looking to stock up!

Local Specialties

We offer a great selection of local specialties, including products from Argyle Cheese Farmer and Pip Perfection baked goods!

We offer whole farm raised chickens that are perfect for the rotisserie, smoker or to make a delicious chicken soup! 

Chickens are individually packaged and frozen.

Enjoy fresh milk from Battenkill Dairy, which recently won an award for Highest Quality Milk in New York State! You can also enjoy eggs right from our own chickens. You can't get any fresher than this!


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